Quicker response times improve sales

New data has found that quicker response times from dealers leads to more sales.

According to data from iTrackLEADS, dealers take an average of 50 mins to respond to an enquiry, while the quickest operator has an average response of 69 seconds.

The impact of responding more quickly to enquiries can be seen in the sales process. The fastest response times saw 10% of enquiries converted to test drives and 84% of test drives turning into sales.

While slower response times saw a test drive conversion rate of six per cent and 82% of test drives making sales.

Adrian Favill, director of iTrackLEADS, said: “Our technology makes it easy for sales teams to respond quickly to enquiries at any time of day or night. As the data shows, it can make a real difference to the customer experience and, ultimately, sales.

“While some dealers are distributing the responsibility to responding to leads across a sales team, others are putting in place dedicated online response centres. There is no right or wrong answer, but it is clear that a focus on getting it right at the start of the sales process will pay dividends.”