Motorline introduces CitNOW bonus programme

The Motorline Group has introduced a CitNOW bonus programme for its workshop technicians and service desks alike.

The Motorline Group saw its average workshop upsell per job leap by 47% in 2014 thanks to the introduction of CitNOW across its 30 Nissan outlets.

The creation of CitNOW personalised videos and their timely delivery to customers has now been made part of the bonus incentive structure for workshop technicians and service desks alike.

Motorline managing director, Gary Obee, believes the adoption of CitNOW is crucial in maximising customer visits to the workshop, especially given the Group’s focus on ‘generalist’ car makers, as opposed to prestige brands where the margins are more obvious.

Average upsell on workshop jobs increased from £47 at the start of 2014 to £72 at the end of the year.

Obee said, ‘We need to make the most of every service visit. We have a contact centre, which works jolly hard to get customers through the door and it’s down to individual branches to make the most of every visit.

‘When we introduced CitNOW to our Nissan outlets, we immediately saw some positive trends and we definitely felt that the opportunity was worth a lot of money going forwards.

‘Traditionally, our technicians have been paid on a time save bonus, which is fairly standard across the industry. But we found that it was better to wrap the CitNOW process into the part of their bonus. So we introduced a brand threshold for Nissan outlets of 40% and, for every red labour hour above what we would have sold anyway, there is an opportunity to pay bonus on those.’

Motorline technicians have a target of completing 80% of all CitNOW videos they are asked for by customers and service desks have the same target for timely distribution of the videos; any workers not hitting the 80% target is eliminated from the bonus programme.

Obee concluded, ‘There was a marked improvement from the start of 2014 to the end. The challenge for 2015 is to maintain that increased level of upsell.’