ProXL unveils all-in-one bumper and plastic repair kit

ProXL, a leading provider of refinishing and painting products for the automotive and industrial sectors, has added to its range of vehicle repair products an all-in-one bumper and plastic repair kit. The PlastiColour Bumper Repair Kit contains everything required to repair cracked or scratched car bumpers, or other damaged exterior and interior plastics, while leaving a seamless finish.

The new one-stop solution is ideal for professional bodyshop techmicians, SMART repair specialists, and advanced home repair enthusiasts. Inside the easy-to-store box are a ProXL PlastiFill plastic filler, ProXL ProTEX textured aerosol, and ProXL PlastiGrip adhesion promotor.

All-in-one bumper and plastic repair kit

Using the PlastiColour colour swatch, users select one of nine PlastiColour aerosols to give a seamless repair. A free ProXL t-shirt is also included.

ProXL PlastiFill is an easy-to-use, 2k plastic filler for filling holes, scratches and scuffs on plastic parts, including car bumpers and plastic trim. Applied in a two-stage process, PlastiFill can be shaped for a smooth finish, before drying with flexibility and ready for sanding. It can be primed with plastic primer, and painted over for a seamless repair.

bumper and plastic repair kitDelivering a premium black OEM-style textured finish, ProTEX uses the ProXL dual nozzle system. With the flexibility of different nozzles providing two distinct spray patterns, a coarse or fine effect can be created using a single can.

In addition, ProXL PlastiGrip, is an advanced plastic adhesion promoter suitable for most types of plastics, including vehicle bumpers. Fast drying, it creates a clear film that can be coated over after just 30 minutes. The complimentary trio of a plastic bonding agent, plastic filler and textured aerosol perfectly prepare the surface for paint. A PlastiColour aerosol, in Jet Black, dark, mid and light grey, can then be used – each colour matched to current automotive plastic shades.

ProXL PlastiColour bumper repair kit

Charlie Bruce, technical & NPD at ProXL, said:

“The all-in-one ProXL PlastiColour Bumper Repair Kit is ideal for bodyshop professionals. Leaving a durable coating that adheres direct to most plastics, it is fast drying and easy to blend for an excellent finish on all exterior and interior hard plastics. It is also a great way to keep your plastic repair products together in one place.”

The PlastiColour Bumper Repair Kit can be purchased from ProXL stockists – visit to locate your nearest distributor.