RHA calls for government support

The Road Haulage Association is urging the new government to support the commercial vehicle sector with a number of new policies.

It has called for a freeze on fuel duty, financial incentives to support the move to decarbonisation, investment in training and road infrastructure.

In a statement the RHA said: “To address the real challenges facing industry, collaboration remains key. We want to collaborate with decision-makers who understand the vital part we play in creating jobs and keeping the supply-chain moving. As technologies and regulations change, business owners need clarity, certainty and flexibility so they can confidently invest in the right vehicles, fuel solutions and equipment.”

Fuel duty

“We want to see government support to drive the uptake of transitional fuels like HVO to help us decarbonise. These decisions all have cost implications. When costs increase, goods become more expensive. We therefore want the next government to commit to the continued freeze on fuel duty. We’re also calling for the suspension of the HGV levy. These would be important steps to show early on that government supports drivers and the commercial vehicle industry.

“Our sector also needs a sensible skills policy that addresses shortages that impact productivity. Addressing skills gaps such as a shortage of technicians will require collaboration to train, and retain talent. We want to see the Apprenticeship Levy reformed – replaced by a skills levy which will better serve our industry’s needs. It’s vital too that we see our roads and roadside facilities improved. That will require infrastructure investment- specifically along the strategic road network, which is key to the frictionless movement of goods.”