NFDA unveils general election manifesto

New research carried out by the National Franchised Dealers Association has identified the key areas of concern for UK dealerships and where support from the next government is most needed.

More than 50 dealers took part in the survey, from 30 May to 14 June, representing over 300 sites.

It revealed that falling demand for EVs as the ZEV Mandate approaches was the main worry for 69% of dealerships, while a shortage of skills remains the greatest challenge for 33% of dealerships. Meanwhile, 24% said that a lack of EV charging infrastructure was a prominent concern.

In terms of government support, 41% want to see further stimulus for the private electric vehicle market and 32% are calling for business rates to be reformed. Nearly a quarter (24%) said investment in EV charging infrastructure was their second choice.

Worrying, 44% said they were ‘pessimistic’ for business performance in the second half of the year.

General election manifesto

Sue Robinson, chief executive of the NFDA said: “NFDA’s general election survey has provided insightful perspectives as we edge closer to the General Election. The results illustrate the current challenges dealerships are facing and underscore important areas for the next government to address.

“In the survey, dealerships have highlighted the sector’s persistent skills shortage, re-stimulating the private electric vehicle market and reforming business rates as fundamental areas which will need addressing from the next government. NFDA has consistently raised these issues with the previous government, and they are central themes in NFDA’s general election manifesto.

“Once the election has concluded and the dust settles, it is crucial for the next government to work with NFDA and the wider industry to tackle the concerns of dealerships and consumers alike.”