IMI reports fall in automotive vacancies

Vacancies in the UK automotive industry have fallen for the second month in a row.

According to the Institute of the Motor Industry’s (IMI) Vacancy Rate Tracker job vacancies per 100 employees fell from 4.1 to 3.7 in May.

This is based on figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

However, despite this modest monthly fall and a 0.8% decline in vacancies compared to the same period in 2023, the IMI says there is still a long way to go with about 21,000 job roles still unfilled.

Vacancy rates

Emma Carrigy, research manager at the IMI, said: “The peaks and troughs in the rate of vacancies within the automotive sector has generally followed the average trends of all sectors. Our recovery post-pandemic has, however, been slower than average. While it is encouraging to be able to report ongoing reductions in the rate of vacancies in recent months the automotive workforce remains under-resourced, and new apprenticeships are not adequately filling the pipeline of new talent. As a result, the sector – and road users – are at serious risk.

“With the General Election fast approaching, now is a good opportunity for change. The new government must recognise the value of the sector – which accounts for around 866,000 jobs and added £37bn gross value to the UK economy in 2023 – and commit to addressing the critical issues around vacancies, skills, education and new technology.

“We urge the new government to provide vital financial support for recruitment, training and resources to help the industry continue to support economic and social stability in the UK.”