Businesses urged to adopt ‘skills-based’ hiring strategy

A leading automotive aftermarket recruitment agency is urging businesses to change their approach to recruitment to address the growing skills gap in the industry.

Glen Callum Associates says repairers should adopt a new ‘skills-based’ hiring strategy rather than focusing on qualifications, and has shared practical advice on how to attract the top talent.

It has revealed that the UK unemployment rate has risen to 4.4 per cent, with 904,000 vacancies in the country now. This represents a 12% rise on pre-pandemic levels. Meanwhile, 93% of managers admit they struggle to recruit qualified candidates.

Skills-based hiring

To address this, Glen Callum Associates suggests removing degree requirements from job adverts and taking an innovative skills-based approach to hiring, which evaluates candidates based on practical tasks and tailored questions focusing on both hard and soft skills.

​Kayleigh Bradley, senior recruiter at Glen Callum Associates, said:

“Skills-based hiring offers numerous advantages. It reduces the time to hire by streamlining the recruitment process and decreases hiring costs by lowering expenses associated with lengthy recruitment phases. This approach also improves diversity, attracting a broader range of candidates from diverse backgrounds. It enhances talent attraction by drawing in candidates who are genuinely interested and engaged.”

She said that companies with skills-based hiring practices see a 17% increase in employee retention and a 23% increase in productivity.