Autoglass partners School of Thought

Autoglass has announced that 14 leaders and colleagues have been enrolled as School of Thought Ambassadors.

They have now taken part in the introduction and induction to become the UK’s first automotive glazing School of Thought ambassadors.

In their roles, they will volunteer their time to work with young people in schools, colleges and the wider community to inspire the next generation to join the automotive industry and continue a STEM pathway.

The partnership with School of Thought is intended to help young people see how exciting careers within the industry can be, while at the same time helping the industry reach a diverse group of potential talent.

School of Thought founders Dave Reece and Julie Eley said: “This is another example of another sector of the industry recognising the problem and joining forces with us at School of Thought to make sure anyone looking for a career is made aware of all the opportunities available to them.

“Students in schools, colleges and communities have limited knowledge of the job roles and typically only see a mechanics role when asked, so when we explain all the other diverse jobs on offer, we will encourage more into the industry.”