ARC Support Services unveils new VDA course

ARC Support Services has introduced a new online course aimed at VDAs interested in developing their skills.

The Definitive Introduction to Assessing Damaged Vehicles is a 10-part course that will be delivered over Zoom from March onwards.

It is targeted at novice or intermediate candidates who wish to learn or improve on the processes and procedures of accurately assessing vehicle damage.

The content will include modules on five principles of the VDA: Who is the VDA – how vital the VDA is and how the performance and profitability is dependent on the VDA getting the job right; the Anatomy of Profit – how the VDA role impacts on the profits or losses in the bodyshop; the Vehicle Appraisal Process – where to start and how to appraise; the Damage Assessment Process – how to ensure all repair work required is identified and nothing is missed; and Image is Everything – how to take pictures that are clear, easy to identify and understand.