Test drives double in March

New data shows the number of test drives completed in March doubled against the same month last year.

According to lead management experts at iTrackLEADS, the test drive data was the only positive in a month that saw consumer demand dip with a 10.5% drop in overall enquiries and a 28% fall in sales.

Delays in new car deliveries and a shortage of used car stock continued to impact handovers, which saw a sharp drop of 50%.

Adrian Favill, director of iTrackLEADS, said: “There is no doubt that concerns around the cost of living crisis are starting to impact consumer demand. However, dealers continue to use technology to drive efficiencies through the sales process, and the increase in test drives points to a good number of buyers still in the market.

“If consumer demand continues to wane, it will be vital for dealers to ensure they follow every lead quickly and efficiently to maximise the conversion rate.”