MOT matters to new buyers

A study by BookMyGarage has revealed that three-quarters of motorists are likely to check the MOT history of a used vehicle they are thinking about purchasing.

The majority of perspective buyers (78%) are also more likely to purchase a used vehicle which has a ‘good’ MOT history – a vehicle that hasn’t failed multiple tests in the past or had lots of minor faults noted. These vehicles usually hold their value better than those with a patchy MOT history.

Karen Rotberg, co-founder of BookMyGarage, said: “Not doing any basic checks can often result in a vehicle failing the MOT test on something that could’ve easily been resolved beforehand. For example, nearly 12% of MOT failures are due to vehicle lights and reflectors.

“Our research indicates that keeping on top of vehicle maintenance isn’t just about safety, but also the potential resale value of your vehicle. A vehicle with few historical failures or advisory faults is a great indication of how well it’s been looked after. It’s also a great way to increase your chances of passing the MOT first time and avoid any nasty surprises.”