IMI publishes initial diversity findings

The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) Diversity Task Force has published the interim findings of its investigation into the challenges that could undermine the automotive sector’s future sustainability.

The IMI established a task force to take this project on, dividing the task force into three working groups

The Race and Ethnicity Working Group, chaired by Kevin Finn, has been set up to tackle the lack of skills and diversity in the workforce and has come up with four initial proposals: agreeing the common fields of employee data that automotive businesses collect and using the data to baseline and monitor progress; introducing reverse mentoring for leaders; educating people what an ally is and understanding how to practice being an ally; and creating supportive networking groups.

Meanwhile, the Physical and Non-Visible Disabilities Working Group, is chaired by Sarah Sillars.

She said: “There is no real data in our sector but some great case studies, policies and best practice to help shape our thinking. However, the real upside is the group have new ideas. The next stage is to try to bring the abundance of input from all the group together. We’re thinking ‘small change for big wins’.”#

Initial recommendations include: personalised messages and social media campaigns to raise awareness, empathy and understanding; and development of a competency framework toolkit for recruitment.

Finally, the Gender Identity Working Group is chaired by Linda Jackson. Its initial recommendations include: develop a better understanding of the workplace environment needs of Gen Z; and identify a clear career pathway for those joining the industry mid-career.