Buyers go online for better deals

New research has found that the rise in used car prices and a lack of vehicle availability is pushing more than three-quarters of used buyers to consider shopping entirely online.

What Car? surveyed 1,364 in-market buyers, of which 39.44% were in the market for a used car. It found that 62.64% have seen prices increase for models they are currently looking at.

This is due to the ongoing semi-conductor shortage in the new car market and although prices have dropped slightly in March, used vehicle values are expected to remain high.

The research found that high prices have already persuaded 62.34% of used buyers to either delay their purchase or look at different makes and models, while 73.29% are having to look further afield 77% will consider buying their next car entirely online.

Steve Huntingford, editor, What Car?, said: “Rising used prices and a lack of vehicle availability is causing a growing number of buyers to consider buying their next car online. With this in mind, it is imperative dealers ensure their stock is advertised online and they are quick to respond to requests and messages from buyers.”