Ben brings back its Big Breakfast

Automotive charity Ben has announced that it is bringing back the Big Breakfast initiative for 2022.

The week-long event will kick off on World Mental Health Day, 10 October, with companies invited to encourage their team, customers, friends and family to bring, bake or make a breakfast spread to help raise funds.

Ben will also provide a Ben Bear to those hosting a Big Breakfast to raffle off and boost the fundraising efforts.

Matt Wigginton, director of partnerships, engagement and income at Ben, said: “It’s official. The automotive industry loves a breakfast. Over 200 locations took part in last year’s inaugural Ben’s Big Breakfast – an unprecedented amount – so we knew we had to bring it back in 2022 and aim to reach even more automotive businesses.

“The Big Breakfast is such a simple way to raise funds, but it’s also an important reminder to check in with our colleagues. Having a chat over a cup of coffee in the morning could make such a difference to someone’s day without you even realising it. Often, people are suffering in silence, thinking that nobody has noticed or cares about them. A small gesture like catching up over a cuppa could change that. It could be the first step to them opening up, or reaching out to Ben for help.”