Autotech Training to reveal new MOT tech

Autotech Training will launch MOTsafe at this week’s UK Garage & Bodyshop event.

MOTsafe is a web-based platform which will help site managers and garage owners improve MOT testing standards and help them remain compliant.

A simple to use online tool, MOTsafe analyses and simplifies DVSA data and is set to save busy garage owners significant time. It will be particularly valuable to those managing multiple sites.

Providing a snapshot of all the vital data of everything relating to MOTs via a highly visual dashboard, MOTsafe will help managers quickly identify any high-risk issues and enable them to gather evidence for the DVSA to safeguard compliancy.

The dashboard includes a traffic light system which provides a risk measure regarding all areas – from MOT testing time length, CPD, calibration and quality control – it effectively provides total quality management.

Colin Gleghorn, Managing Director of Autotech Training, said: “MOTsafe is aimed at busy MOT site managers who need to provide evidence of best practice and continuous improvement in the way they conduct MOT tests. Whether you are an independent VTS or part of a large dealer group, MOTsafe is truly access all areas and provides the right information, in the right format to the right person, in real-time, helping you stay compliant and keep on testing.”