Vauxhall strengthens partnership with ingenie

Vauxhall in partnership with young driver insurance specialist ingenie has extended its industry-leading insurance offer on selected ADAM and Corsa models.

Young drivers (18- to 20-year-olds) could take advantage of £99 first year insurance on both ADAM SLAM and Corsa Limited Edition. On the same models, those aged 21 and over can get free insurance.

For a 21-year-old customer participating in Vauxhall’s scrappage scheme, the £2000 allowance would result in a £1,190 finance deposit contribution and payment of just £193 per month over 36 months for a Corsa three-door 1.2-litre Limited Edition, which includes one year’s free insurance and one year’s free OnStar and 4G Wi-Fi.

‘We wanted to extend our young driver insurance offer to include our best-selling Corsa to help even more young motorists get on the road,’ said Leon Caruso, Vauxhall’s retail sales director. ‘ingenie’s technology and approach helps make this possible and we are delighted to strengthen our partnership further.’

Chris McKee, CEO of ingenie said, ‘The Corsa is our community’s most insured car, so we’re really pleased to be offering £99 insurance for this new model. Our aim is always to make insurance more affordable for young drivers, and this deal actually lets good drivers pay nothing for their insurance – they could earn it all back just by driving well.’

Customers can even combine cheap insurance with Vauxhall’s other great offers including its scrappage scheme, which is launched today and Flexible PCP.

Vauxhall’s Scrappage Allowance scheme helps customers take advantage of a £2,000 (including VAT) scrappage trade-in against most new passenger cars in its range. To qualify for the scheme, customers must have owned their trade-in vehicle for a minimum of 90 days. There is no upper age limit for cars and any manufacturer’s vehicle will be accepted.

ingenie fits a black box out of sight in the car and collects data on how the car is being driven. This allows ingenie to assess individual driving styles with driver feedback is available via the ingenie mobile app and online. The data is then reviewed around every ten days, providing feedback to the driver. If the young motorist drives well they could receive a return of up to £33 every three months – if they drive well, they pay less.