Consumer launch for RAC BuySure

A major consumer launch for the RAC BuySure used car programme is set to provide a boost to the RAC approved dealer network.

Set to take place in mid-April, it will use the marketing strength of the RAC brand through channels such as advertising, public relations, direct mail and e-marketing to RAC members and more.

RAC head of dealer propositions Mario Dolcezza said, ‘By the end of April, we expect consumer awareness of RAC BuySure to have increased dramatically thanks to the extensive marketing campaign that will be taking place, which will be reflected in customer footfall at the dealer.

‘This will obviously hugely benefit the existing RAC approved network dealers who are authorised to take part in the RAC BuySure programme. However, we are also seeking to expand the approved network at this time in order to take advantage of increased demand.’

The RAC is now aiming for genuine national coverage for the approved network, which was first launched a year ago and has since been undergoing a successful, extended trial.

Mario said, ‘Our strategy with the approved dealer network has always been to recruit the right dealers rather than aim for quantity. We only want those who share the RAC’s commitment to customer service.

‘Following our trial, we now have sufficient numbers in place to undertake a major national consumer launch for the RAC BuySure used car proposition that only RAC approved dealers are allowed to offer, using the power of the RAC brand.

‘Today, we can show that this proposition enables good quality used car dealers to differentiate themselves from their competition in a highly effective manner, driving up profit retention, increasing footfall and drawing customers from further afield.

‘We are inviting applications from committed, high quality dealers who believe they can meet our standards and therefore become part of the programme.’


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