Automotive industry behind on training

Those in the automotive industry are least likely to receive training while automotive workers, above most other sectors, believe training is essential to their jobs

In time for Adult Learners’ Week 2015, a new survey has revealed how professionals working in the automotive sector are one of the least likely to receive training at work, despite believing constant development is essential to stay ahead of advancements in the industry.

CV-Library, the UK’s leading job site, conducted the survey to establish how the country’s professionals feel about training and development opportunities available to them at work.
Over 2,300 people responded across all sectors, revealing those working in automotive feel very dissatisfied. Key findings revealed:

.       95.2% of automotive workers believe basic training is essential to stay ahead of advancements in the sector, one of the highest in the nation
.       Despite this, over half (54.3%) of automotive professionals revealed they have no access to training, which is significantly more than the national average of 29.6%
.       When training is provided, 95.2% of automotive employees feel more valued at work and would be more inclined to stay with the business

In addition to this, 76.2% of automotive professionals felt undervalued by their employer due to the lack of training, showing a strong correlation between career development and job satisfaction. The results send a clear message to businesses, suggesting that the implementation of a comprehensive training and development programme would not only increase staff morale and job satisfaction, but also staff loyalty and retention.

In an industry where staff turnover can be high, it’s also interesting to know that 90.5% of UK workers would be less likely to leave their current employer if they were offered training; this figure increases to 95.2% for automotive professionals.

The news comes in time for Adult Learners’ Week 2015, which is a national celebration of lifelong learning and aims to inspire individuals and businesses alike to ‘have a go’.

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