FLP launches new Final Systems ULTI-MATT

Automotive and industrial paint manufacturer FLP Group has added a new 2K Matting Agent named Final Systems ULTI-MATT to its Final Systems ULTIMATE Repair System.

The new ULTI-MATT is a versatile product providing the ability to create your own gloss level. It has been specially designed for ULTIMATE 2K HS Clearcoat, ULTIMATE 2K HS DTM Clearcoat and ULTIMATE 2K HS DTM Colour.

Final Systems ULTI-MATT

In a statement, FLP described ULTI-MATT as “easy of use and space saving”, because there is no need to carry a separate matt clearcoat or satin clearcoat. ULTI-MATT 2K Matting Agent is mixed with your clearcoat to get the finish required.

This is the newest edition to the ULTIMATE Repair System and has been designed to be a quality cost-effective solution, providing versatility for quick turnaround jobs.

Watch the ULTI-MATT demonstration video: