Windscreen claims up 17% in two years

New research from Allianz has revealed that windscreen repair costs have risen 17% since 2022.

It reported that average windscreen claims this year have risen from £308 two years ago to £327.

Meanwhile, repairs for small chips have increased in volume by four per cent from last year while full glass replacements are 13% higher.

It has attributed increases in volume to poor road quality with higher costs down to the greater technology now included in windscreens.

Windscreen claims

Caroline Johnson, claims director of Allianz, said:

“We’re seeing more and more claims for windscreen chips and replacements. There are many different reasons why we’re seeing an increase in windscreen claims. This ranges from road conditions such as potholes, to extremes in temperatures.”

The 2024 Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance (ALARM) survey found that councils in England and Wales had filled over two million over the last year, but says the bill to fix UK roads has now risen to £16.3bn. Meanwhile, the RAC estimates there are still about a million potholes on UK roads.

Other factors contributing to the higher number of windscreen claims includes severe weather conditions.

Johnson added: “Cold snaps during winter, and sudden heat waves during summer can cause chips to turn into cracks. It’s a good idea to get any small chips looked at as soon as possible, before they get worse over time and cost more to fix.”