Van emissions on the rise

While cars are getting greener, emissions from vans have risen by 63% since 1990, according to new research carried out by clean transport lobby group Transport and Environment.

It found that the number of vans on UK roads increased by 15% between 2018 and 2023, with corporate fleets owning 58% of all UK vans but accounting for 76% of the total van mileage.

Transport and Environment says the onus therefore is on fleets to accelerate the shift to green technology, and has called for a number of measures to incentivise the electric revolution.

These include:

  • Clean air measures similar to the congestion charge in busy, urban areas.
  • Scrappage schemes for old diesels and extended grants for plug-in vans.
  • Renewed focus on a charging infrastructure for vans and HGVs.
  • More zero-emission logistics zones to promote e-vans and cargo bikes.

ZEV Mandate

Electric van sales have increased sevenfold in the last five years and the ZEV Mandate is expected to see growth continue.

Ralph Palmer of Transport and Environment said:

“Despite the push for more electric vans on our roads, we are still witnessing a surge in greenhouse gas emissions from vans as a result of sustained sales of diesel vans, countering trends we are seeing in the car market. There’s not enough progress being made to support businesses and sole traders to make the switch.”