Onyx unveils new bodyshop management system

Onyx has launched a new bodyshop management system designed specifically to address the challenges of legacy systems.

Originally developed for the Activate Accident Repair group, Onyx’s streamlined workflows automate core processes like estimating, job scheduling, and parts ordering, reducing complexity and freeing up time for more critical tasks.

The system’s mobile compatibility also addresses the increasing need for flexibility, enabling managers to access and update their systems from any device. Technicians can update jobs on the go via a mobile app or tablet, ensuring that bodyshop operations can be monitored and managed remotely. Onyx also includes a live chat function, improving team communication.

Onyx BMS

Another significant hurdle for bodyshops is managing multiple, disconnected systems. Onyx overcomes this by integrating seamlessly with industry platforms such as GT Motive, Audatex, and DVLA data, simplifying operations and bringing everything together in one place.

In addition, it provides real-time data insights, including customisable reports on cost and productivity metrics and, being completely web-based, eliminates the need for site-by-site software installations.

Pete Thompson, interim managing director, said:

“The development of Onyx stems from the real-world needs of bodyshops. The system has been designed with direct input from repairers and other industry experts who understand the daily challenges faced by modern bodyshops. This hands-on experience has resulted in a system that not only improves efficiency but is also intuitive and user-friendly.”