LCVs remain in high demand at BCA

BCA has reported that LCV sold volumes rose in May 2024 to reach the highest point this year.

Buyer engagement has risen 13% since the start of the year, although volumes slipped from £8,347 in April to £8,013 in May.

Ready-to-use vans suitable remain the most sought after by professional buyers, while the new van sector grew for the 17th consecutive month as new volumes were up by 1.9%.


Stuart Pearson, BCA COO UK, said: “Supply and demand was reasonably well balanced in May, with sellers and buyers being generally in tune around price expectations. As is typical for this time of year we’ve seen numbers lift in the fleet and lease sector, and the mix of vehicles has created some interesting challenges for the market.

“The gap between the best and worst vehicles has certainly widened and, utilising the data from our latest LCV grading release, we’re working very closely with sellers to improve the condition of vehicles to maximise the potential for first time sale.”