GSF Car Parts leaders complete nationwide tour

The Senior Management Team (SMT) at car parts distributor GSF Car Parts has completed a three-day tour of branches aimed at reconnecting with colleagues and customers across the network.

Recognising that the needs of customers vary across the network, the SMT visited a total of 48 branches and 324 customers in a three-day stretch.


Members of the SMT accompanied branch managers to six customers per branch, discovering the most important factors amongst their customer base to drive positive change.

The second ever DirecTour reached branches across their network in England and Wales, with executives such as CEO Steve Horne joining the team out on the road. He said:

“By personally visiting our branches and customers, a unique experience for executives in our industry, we ensure that their needs are met and their feedback is heard. We are committed to maintaining this proactive strategy, further strengthening our customer relationships, driving growth, and continuously improving our offerings.”

Faraz Sarwar, branch manager at GSF Car Parts Wembley, added: “The main benefit was that it was really good to have a presence from some of those higher-up faces in front of customers. It just shows them how seriously we’re taking this and how important they are to the business.”