Crash Assessor UK celebrates PAS 2060 certification

Guildford-based bodyshop Crash Assessor UK has announced it has achieved carbon neutrality in accordance with PAS 2060.

PAS 2060 is an internationally-recognised standard allowing businesses to demonstrate credible and accurate declarations of carbon neutrality.

Crash Assessor UK has worked alongside Purchase Direct to create its Driving Net Zero Programme, which provides a simple and cost-effective route to carbon neutrality. It has been tailored to suit the company’s specific requirements, with a Carbon Management Plan outlining specific targets for energy reduction and a carbon offsetting plan.

PAS 2060

The company said: “We are committed long-term to reducing our impact on the environment. We recognise that it’s our responsibility to act now rather than waiting for others to do it for us and urge other businesses to do their bit as well.”

Matt Woods, sustainability lead at Purchase Direct, added:

“We are really pleased to be working with Crash Assessor UK to help them achieve their environmental goals. Having successfully achieved carbon neutral verification in accordance with PAS 2060 for their first application period, we look forward to our ongoing work together to reduce their carbon footprint in line with their current commitments.”