Call for tougher driving tests goes out to new government

A motoring industry personalised registration plate business has called on the new government to bring in tougher driving tests to reduce accidents on UK roads.

Absolute Reg believes driving tests should including driving in the dark and bad weather to ensure new motorists are prepared for all conditions.

About a fifth of all those killed or seriously injured in a car are young drivers, with almost 40% of young drivers involved in a collision by the age of 23. Many European countries already test new drivers in adverse conditions, and Absolute Reg is calling on the new government to introduce similar laws here.

Tougher tests

Jake Smith, director, said: “New drivers are at a higher risk of crashing because of inexperience and the inability to spot hazards. Added risk factors include the fact most new drivers on Britain’s roads are young people, who tend to exhibit overconfidence leading to risky behaviour behind the wheel.

“Practical driving tests should be made tougher in the UK to improve the standard of driving in new motorists and ultimately reduce the number of young drivers involved in accidents. Driving tests vary worldwide, but it is clear that those with better driving education have reduced traffic crashes and safer roads.

“We believe driving tests should include mandatory tests for driving in dark conditions and turbulent weather conditions so new motorists are prepared for everything when they are driving independently.”