Aggressive driving tops women drivers’ concerns

New research to mark International Women Drivers’ Day today has revealed that 78% of women drivers consider aggression on the roads to be a serious problem, with 69% saying that this behaviour is increasing.

The survey of 1,485 women drivers across 20 countries identified three key worries for women drivers, with aggressive driving topping their concerns, ahead of accidents and poor visibility.

Concern about aggressive driving behaviour was particularly high in the UK, with 20% of respondents saying they encountered it daily and 22% saying it was ‘several’ times a week.

Aggressive driving

Meanwhile, 43% of respondents agreed with the proposal to make new drivers more aware of the dangers of aggressive driving.

To reduce rising instances, 45% were in favour of harsher penalties for aggressive driving, 27% backed specialised psychological therapy, 20% wanted increased training of new drivers, and six per cent were in support of more awareness campaigns around the issue.

The purpose of the Women’s Worldwide Car of the Year study was to identify and highlight the key concerns for new women drivers