AB Dynamics updates testing software

AB Dynamics has updated its Track Applications Suite software to add a further 400 automotive tests to its ‘Special Groups.’

The Track Applications Suite is a single software ecosystem enabling vehicle manufacturers to safely conduct a series of tests around ADAS and other vehicle functions.

It calculates the location, trajectory and speed of vehicles, with scenarios automatically reconfigured to account for different widths and lengths. Meanwhile, the Scenario Generator tool can be used to overlay the paths and visualise the expected collision points of each object prior to starting the test.

AB Dynamics vehicle testing software

The latest update includes the 2024 CNCAP protocols (237 tests), the EU General Safety Regulation (60 tests), due to come into force in July, and comprehensive coverage of UNECE protocols (120 tests), including the most recent heavy vehicle scenarios.

Joel Blyth, lead application engineer at AB Dynamics, said:

“To sell their vehicles globally, manufacturers must conduct and pass hundreds of active safety tests for various regulatory and consumer bodies, for every single model they produce. This can be very time and cost-intensive, but our end-to-end test solution automates a lot of this work. The test scenario database alone saves engineers substantial development time on every vehicle, just in generating new scenarios and developing validation strategies.”