SMMT joins M5 to produce ‘manifesto for growth’

The automotive industry has joined forces with the four other main manufacturing sectors in the UK to produce a report highlighting what is necessary for sustained growth.

The SMMT has joined leaders from Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, the ADS Group (Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space), the Chemical Industries Association, and the Food and Drink Federation to call for political support around a long-term vision to develop UK manufacturing.

Between them, the Manufacturing 5 has a combined turnover of £309bn.

The report, a manifesto for growth, outlines five pillars to drive sustained growth: developing a skilled and adaptable workforce ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow; implementing policies and regulations that foster innovation and growth within the manufacturing sectors; prioritising innovation as an essential element for manufacturing growth; capitalising on the UK’s global presence to promote its manufacturing industries; and working in partnership with businesses to support the transition to more sustainable manufacturing approaches.

Mike Hawes, chief executive of the SMMT, said: “The UK is a global production powerhouse, with manufacturing supporting a million skilled jobs across the country and driving exports worldwide. As home to one of the most diverse automotive manufacturing industries in the world, Britain benefits immensely from the sector’s impact, with vehicles among the country’s most valuable export goods. A strong industrial strategy can seize the ample opportunities for economic growth, employment and decarbonisation, and support the UK’s competitiveness as a high-tech, high-value workshop for the world.