Rapid price rises at rapid charge points

Rising energy costs means it now costs 50% more for drivers to charge their vehicles at public rapid and ultra-rapid charge points than it did last May.

According to the RAC Charge Watch, drivers must now pay about £36 to charge a typical family-sized electric car with a 64kWh battery to 80%.

This is more than twice the cost of charging the same car at home, and significantly more expensive than using slower charger. In fact, it can be more expensive for an EV driver to recharge quickly on a longer journey than it is for a petrol and diesel drivers to refuel.

RAC EV spokesperson Simon Williams said: “For drivers to switch to electric cars en masse, it’s vital that the numbers stack up. In time, the list price of new electric models will come down but charging quickly has also got to be as affordable as possible. It continues to be the case that those who can charge at home or at work and who don’t use the public rapid charging network very often get fantastic value – even given the relatively high domestic energy prices right now.

“Sadly, the same can’t be said for people who either can’t charge at home or at work, or who regularly make longer journeys beyond the range of their cars. There’s no question they have to pay far more, and in some cases more than petrol or diesel drivers do to fill up on a mile-for-mile basis.