Online sales drive drivvn growth

Automotive e-commerce company drivvn has reported a 21% increase in sales during 2022 and now expects to break the £1bn barrier this year.

Sales rose from £588m in 2021 to £709m in 2022, with some brands seeing over 26% conversion from model choice to sale and other reporting that online transactions account for over 20% of all sales.

Further, the number of online stores drivvn operates increased by 50% during 2021 to 75.

Peter Brown, chief executive of drivvn, said: “It’s clear that consumers are increasingly comfortable buying a car online. We use advanced data analytics to improve the customer journey to create a better experience and boost sales.

“We believe that we are the biggest online seller of vehicles in Europe, and it gives us a great insight into emerging customer trends that benefit OEMs and retailers alike. In addition, our modular approach means any part of our platform can be quickly deployed to support an omnichannel sales journey.”

He added: “We work hard to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience for car buyers. Digital stores will continue to evolve as data gets more connected and technology develops so it’s essential that consumers can switch their journey between the online store and physical dealership as easily as possible.”