Nottingham Tyre Company goes paperless

Mobile tyre repair service Nottingham Tyre Company is going paperless with the adoption of CAM’s Fitter-ForceÔ.

This will enable it to digitise and structuralise its operations, principally through its adoption of e-jobsheet.

Founded on the e-jobsheet multi-language, digital tablet-driven work exchange for truck, bus and van tyres, the Fitter-Force platform removes many backoffice costs and inaccuracies associated with the manual completion of service work for small to medium-sized fleet tyre service operators, while also improving customer service through operational responsiveness.

Paul Spouge, managing director, Nottingham Tyre Company, said: “Our fleet of specialist mobile tyre fitters will benefit from this easy-to-use tablet app by sending their job details automatically upon job completion. This transactional data will then be systematically updated into the integrated stock, billing, and accounting system managed in our back office, creating a digital journey that gets rid of the paper and makes the whole process more accurate.”

Steve Daly, director of CAM, said: “Going paperless is the ambition of many small to medium-sized tyre service providers, enabling their operations to become more structured, seamless and cost-efficient.”