Fix Auto Basingstoke achieves PAS 2060 status

Fix Auto Basingstoke has become the latest franchise partner to achieve carbon neutral status in line with PAS 2060.

The Hampshire-based business has worked with the network’s outsourced procurement and cost reduction partner Purchase Direct to complete its ‘Driving Net Zero’ programme, which provides a simple and cost-effective route to carbon neutrality.

The programme was tailored to Fix Auto Basingstoke’s specific requirements, calculating its carbon footprint and developing a carbon management plan which outlines specific targets for energy reduction and a carbon offsetting plan.

Dale Morris, owner of Fix Auto Basingstoke, said: “We are so pleased to announce we have achieved carbon neutral status. Like so many of our fellow franchise partners I recognise the importance of being as sustainable as possible and, while it is becoming ever-more a prerequisite of our corporate work providers, in reality it is our responsibility to act now and do our bit to help the planet.”

Emma Callicott, sustainability team lead at Purchase Direct, said: “As ever, we are pleased to have worked closely with yet another Fix Auto UK repairer. Working with Fix Auto Basingstoke to help them achieve carbon neutrality in accordance with PAS 2060 has been an absolute joy and we look forward to continuing our relationship to help further reduce their carbon footprint.”