Drivers warned against dashcam distraction

Drivers have been warned against placing their dashcams in a position which could be a serious traffic offence.

The Highway Code states that dashcams must not block any view of the road ahead, but according to Road Angel many drivers don’t know that incorrect placement could lead to fines or penalty points.

Instead, many believe the dashcam should be placed in their line of sight because they feel the screen of the dashcam must be there for looking at. But actually, the best place for these safety recording devices is at the top centre of the windscreen, next to the rearview mirror.

This way the camera can still record a full view of both sides of the road ahead, whilst not blocking any view for the driver.

Gary Digva, founder of Road Angel, said: “Putting the dashcam in a position which blocks any vision for you whilst driving is an absolute no-go – you can be subject at the very minimum to three penalty points on your licence. Improper placement could also cause you to be charged with dangerous driving and not having proper control of the vehicle – which could mean going to court with an unlimited fine and potential driving ban.

“The best place to put your dashcam is up high up right by your rearview mirror, that way the camera can capture both sides of the road and doesn’t cause any obstruction.”