DK Engineering signs exclusive deal with McMurtry Automotive

DK Engineering has signed a new commercial relationship with McMurtry Automotive to act as its UK exclusive agent.

McMurtry is working towards creating the world’s greatest small electric cars for road and track use and is planning to launch its Spéirling model into the UK market.

James Cottingham said: “At our core, DK is an engineering company and it is amazing to see what McMurtry is achieving. I love what the team is doing, using electricity, but taking a different approach, rather than simply following the crowd. There is a huge respect for the work they have already carried out and the performance being achieved with the Spéirling, approaching that of Formula 1 around circuits, using electricity.

“We feel it will be a great fit with our clientbase – for those who have an electric car scratch to itch, but who haven’t been intrigued or interested in anything offered previously. The team is taking the technology to the next level and we are proud to be a part of this exciting journey with the future projects, as the exclusive agent for the UK, and to support McMurtry as a revolutionary British business.”

Thomas Yates, managing director at McMurtry Automotive, said: “Now we have proven that our downforce on demand technology works and have a world beating track car, this is the next logical step, launching the Spéirling onto the market.”