Deadline looms for MOT testers

The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) has warned that 25,000 testers have still not completed their assessment and risk being suspended from testing when the deadline passes on 31 March.

To ease the administrative process, the IMI’s MOT Training and Assessment package is a three-hour e-Learning training module that can be completed in bite-size chunks.

Its question style promotes the effective use of the DVSA MOT Tester Manual, with the result that testers improve their probability of passing the Annual Assessment. Its e-Learning modules steer testers towards the right parts of the DVSA MOT Tester Manual, aligned to the Annual Assessment topics for 2022/23. The question sets are designed to be intuitive to the topics, with guidance also provided to navigate the manual, and ‘how-to’ videos to help testers through the process.

Steve Scofield, head of business development at the IMI, said: “Unlike many other industries, where Continuing Professional Development (CPD) might be a mere tick-box exercise, correct training and assessment of technicians is critical to the safety of motoring on UK roads. It’s hugely reassuring to see how many MOT testers prioritised the Annual Assessment this year, completing it well ahead of the deadline.

“However, those MOT testers who fail to meet the deadline of 31 March will not be able to legally conduct any MOT work until their training and assessment has been completed. They will also lose the convenience of taking the Annual Assessment remotely. Instead they will have to competently demonstrate to a DVSA representative face-to-face, in their place of work, their ability to carry out an MOT assessment on a vehicle. In short, failing to complete the assessment in time could have serious consequences both for garage income and road safety.”