Consumer confidence in write-offs at just 10%

Just 10.8% of in-market car buyers are comfortable with purchasing a written off vehicle which has been repaired to roadworthy condition.

This is according to new research by new car buying platform and consumer champion What Car?.

A survey of 1,036 in-market buyers found 4.8% of in-market buyers had previously bought a write-off that had been repaired. Cars written-off by insurers are classed under six different categories, four of which (C, D, N, S) allow the vehicle to be repaired back on the road and sold on the used market.

What Car? asked the 986 in-market buyers who hadn’t previously bought a write-off whether they would consider one, with just six per cent willing to do so. Of the buyers not comfortable buying a write-off, 54.1% cited a lack of confidence in the vehicle being repaired properly, while difficulties reselling the car were cited by 43.1% and other problems appearing were highlighted by 37%.

Of the 4.8% of buyers who had bought a write-off before, 16% cited a problem occurring in the car which was linked to the cause of the write-off.

Steve Huntingford, editor, What Car?, said: “Written-off cars can prove a cost-efficient purchase for buyers, as they are often sold with lower list prices, and our research highlights that in most cases owners don’t find a fault with their purchase.

“Despite this, only a minority of buyers are considering one. Asking the right questions about the vehicle’s history, and having it inspected by a professional can help alleviate many of the concerns highlighted by buyers.”