Clutter leads to clatter for van drivers

Nearly half of van drivers in the UK have been involved in accidents due to distractions caused by clutter in their vehicles.

According to Comparethemarket, a survey of more than 4,600 drivers found that 46% said clutter in their vans had led to an accident.

While over one in six (16%) said no injuries were caused to themselves or anyone else, one in three (30%) admit to injuring either themselves or a third party.

When asked about distractions from unsecured clutter, more than a quarter (26%) of drivers revealed that they have had items roll near their brake or accelerator pedals – a very serious safety concern. A further 17% also said that their view from the front window had been blocked due to items on the dashboard.

Despite over half (57%) of respondents noting that they get distracted by clutter, only one in seven (13%) remove the mess a few times per week, and 11% have a clear-out once per week.

Julie Daniels at Comparethemarket, said: “Even minor distractions can cause accidents whilst you’re on the road and that’s why drivers should make an extra effort to cut back on clutter and reduce avoidable mistakes. With a van, it may be hard to keep clean, but safety should come first. Drivers should ensure that items are stowed safely and away from particularly hazardous areas such as the pedals or windscreen.”