Ben warns against employee burnout

Automotive charity Ben has warned against burnout among employees and offered tips about how companies can help prevent it in their workforce.

It says that burnout can occur when colleagues feel like they have an unmanageable workload and unreasonable time pressures, when they don’t feel like they are being treated well at work, when there is a lack of communication and support from management and colleagues, when there is a lack of role clarity, and when colleagues are feeling unappreciated.

To reduce the risk of burnout, Ben suggested employers keep an eye on workloads, ensure they are achievable, that deadlines are realistic and that employees have a good work-life balance.

Further, it advised regularly checking in with employees and asking how they are. Ben said that showing a genuine interest in an employee’s life outside of work can really make a difference.

Further, targets should always be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound, while understanding that work and home life don’t exist in isolation is also key. All parts of a person’s life impact on their health and well-being; stresses from home can spill into work and vice versa so it’s important for employers to be understanding when issues arise, either at work or at home.