Ben produces wellness watchlist

Automotive charity Ben has enhanced its services to the industry by putting together a list of warning signs employers can look out for that could indicate mental health struggles within its workforce.

Ben, which provides a range of support services to those within the industry, suggests that the first sign of trouble may be changes in mood as stress can often lead to irritation. Employers might also notice previously extroverted colleagues becoming quieter and introverted.

An increase in sick days or poor time-keeping may also indicate that an employee is having a difficult time, as might uncharacteristic mistakes, which could suggest poor concentration.

A change in eating habits could also be a warning sign, while other warning signs to look out for may include a change in appearance or hygiene.

Ben has reported a dramatic increase in the number of people seeking its services due to the cost-of-living crisis, new technology influencing the industry and a shortage of skills.