Allied Vehicles announces major recruitment drive

Scottish manufacturer and supplier of specialist adaptive transport Allied Vehicles is launching a major recruitment drive to support a significant increase in production.

The family firm, which converts a variety of vehicles to make them suitable for wheelchair users, both passengers and drivers, is ramping up production to more than 7,500 vehicles per year as it prepares to make inroads into the European market.

The company is now looking for more than 70 people to join its team in Glasgow, mostly in its pre-production and production areas.

Operations director George McAdam said: “The plans we have put in place will bring an additional 78 people into the business, and what that does is it allows us over the next nine to 12 months to expand our market share.”

The ramp-up in production has also involved the creation of a revamped infrastructure at Allied to help the rise in production, including a new £400,000 laser to boost capacity. Processes have been streamlined, and workshop layouts altered to achieve Allied targets.

McAdam said: “Compared to where it was the future’s looking absolutely amazing. I think there’s a lot of pressure on my team, because it’s a big ramp-up, and bringing in more people over a 10 to 12-week period is a massive task, but it’s a much more positive set of challenges we’ve got, and something we’re all relishing.”