YouGov poll emphasises EV appetite

A survey of 2,000 motorists by Bridgestone has confirmed that UK consumers are beginning to accelerate towards electric vehicle travel, with 67% preparing to ditch their petrol and diesel cars for good.

The UK YouGov survey commissioned by Bridgestone confirmed that over two-thirds stated that they would make the change and will not be keeping a standard vehicle (petrol/diesel) alongside it when they do.

The research confirmed that the majority see and acknowledge the benefits of EV travel, with 56% citing environmental positives; 47% looking forward to making fuel savings; 23% citing tax benefits; and 13% are looking forward to a reduction in noise emissions as their primary reason.

In addition, 43% are keen to know more about EV maintenance and how it differs to standard makes and models.

The YouGov survey also suggests that UK motorists are well informed on changes ahead, with 67% aware that all new car sales must be zero emission by 2035. Of that figure, 22% are keen to see this target brought forward to 2030.