VWG continues successful EV shift

Volkswagen Group continued its shift to electrification in the first quarter of 2022, lifting deliveries of all-electric vehicles by 65% year-on-year.

Despite supply bottlenecks for semiconductors and wire harnesses, 99,100 BEVs were handed over to customers by the end of March, up from 60,000 in the opening quarter of the previous year.

The biggest increase was seen in China, where 28,800 customers took delivery of a BEV manufactured by the brand – a more than four-fold increase versus the prior-year period.

In terms of BEV deliveries by region, Europe was still clearly in the lead, with 58,400 vehicles (59%) in the first three months. In the USA, the group handed over 7,900 BEVs to customers, which corresponded to eight per cent of its global BEV deliveries.

By the end of March, the core brand Volkswagen delivered 53,400 BEVs to customers. This was followed by Audi with 24,200 vehicles, Porsche with 9,500 vehicles, ŠKODA with 8,800 vehicles and SEAT/CUPRA with 2,200 vehicles.