Volvo extends Motor Ombudsman accreditation

The Motor Ombudsman has announced that the Care by Volvo subscription service has been accepted for accreditation to its Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI)-approved Motor Industry Codes of Practice for Vehicle Sales and Service and Repair.

The latest approval builds on Volvo Cars UK’s long-standing accreditation to The Motor Ombudsman’s New Car Code.

The commitment of Care by Volvo to The Motor Ombudsman’s two comprehensive Codes gives consumers signing up to the new vehicle purchase and maintenance packages the peace of mind that the highest standards of service and workmanship will be provided by Volvo during the term of their subscription.

Furthermore, if a Care by Volvo customer has a complaint that has not been resolved to their satisfaction, they have the ability to turn to The Motor Ombudsman as an automotive-specific and independent third party, to investigate their dispute in a fair and impartial environment.

Sureyya Cansoy, head of business services and engagement at The Motor Ombudsman, said: “The accreditation of the Care by Volvo subscription service to our Codes of Practice further strengthens our long-running relationship with the Volvo marque, and extends the coverage to consumers looking to acquire a new car through a flexible online subscription arrangement as an alternative to a traditional ownership model.”

Conor Horne, UK head of online sales at Volvo Cars UK, said: “The accreditation of Care by Volvo to two of The Motor Ombudsman’s Codes of Practice highlights our drive for the very highest standards of service provided to motorists opting to embrace the convenience of our all-inclusive subscription packages. Customers also have the valuable reassurance that The Motor Ombudsman’s team is on hand to help resolve any issues that we are unable to sort out in the first instance through our own internal complaints process.”