UK’s ageing driver population revealed

The DVLA has reported that a record number of people over 70 years old are currently on the roads.

Its data shows that over 5.7 million people aged 70 and over now have a full driving licence – up by 10% since March last year. This equates to around one in seven of all drivers.

The figures show that by far the biggest group is the 70 to 79-year-old category, with 4.2 million drivers now in this age range, up by 11% since last March. The number of drivers in their 80s now stands at 1.4 million, up by nine per cent.

However, the biggest percentage increases have been in the oldest age groups, with the number of drivers aged 90-99 rising by 12% to almost 133,000, and the number aged 100 and over up by 23% to more than 500.

Baby boomers born in the 1950s would have been amongst the first to drive on a motorway – launched in the UK in 1959, so they have a wealth of driving experience. However, when drivers turn 70, the DVLA is asking that licences are renewed every three years, to ensure any changes in health are updated.