Stellantis strengthens hydrogen team

Stellantis has appointed Jean-Michel Billig as chief technology officer for hydrogen fuel cell vehicle development.

He will take up his role on 27 June.

Carlos Tavares, Stellantis CEO, said, “Jean-Michel’s broad spectrum of experiences in aircraft, aerospace, automotive and naval industries will contribute to bringing additional ideas to boost Stellantis’ ambition in hydrogen fuel cell sales and address the widest range of zero emission mobility requirements.

“Having Jean-Michel and Uwe in these complementary roles illustrates our commitment to enhancing our leadership in hydrogen fuel cell technology and reaching the ambitious sustainability goals of our Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan.”

Meanwhile, Stellantis has also announced that Opel Brand CEO Uwe Hochgeschurtz will take on the additional role of piloting commercialisation of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles worldwide from September.

Stellantis began customer deliveries of its hydrogen fuel cell zero emission solution that combines the advantages of hydrogen fuel cells and electric battery technology in a fuel cell electric vehicle. This solution is particularly suited to the needs of light commercial vehicle customers requiring long-range, fast-refuelling and zero-emissions.