Repairify launches new diagnostics initiative

Repairify UK is introducing a new initiative to deliver the greater value remote diagnostics, ADAS calibrations, coding, and programming in the collision repair industry.

The Repairify Remote Services Pledge has been designed to offer existing and new customers of asTech and RED the best value on the market by simplifying and reducing its pricing by as much as 45% for some of its remote services.

The initiative provides diagnostic scans and resets, and ADAS calibrations supported remotely by IMI certified and ADAS trained technicians. The programme conforms to the UK Insurance Industry Requirements (IIR) for the safe repair of ADAS equipped vehicles. Services enabled by the Repairify Remote Services Pledge empowers repairers to benefit from the new income streams by not outsourcing or hiring subcontractors to do the work, reducing key-to-key times and saving money.

The work is also underwritten by significant insurance to back up its services, leaving repairers safe in the knowledge that they are fully supported.

Phil Peace, managing director (SVP) International of Repairify, said: “Repairify’s continuous investment in technology development and data acquisition ensures repairers can be confident they are employing the safest, most reliable, and up-to-date ADAS repair solutions available.  With the introduction of the Repairify Remote Services Pledge, repair shops can confidently employ the best value, high-quality diagnostics, and ADAS services on the market to meet their repair requirements.”