No concern for new plates

New research has found that the twice annual New Reg Day is not the sales driver it once was.

According to independent retailer Motorpoint, a poll of 1,000 potential car buyers found that fewer than five per cent (4.9%) are bothered about the digits on their number plate.

Instead, most car buyers are more concerned about fuel type (63%), with price (52%) and running costs (47%) also high on the list of influencing factors.

Brand type (27%), appearance (20%) and mileage (20%) were also important considerations for new buyers.

Dean Walker, director of stock and purchasing at Motorpoint, said: “Our study confirms what we suspected, that new registrations are no longer a major factor in the decision-making process for car buyers. It would seem that many people are still unsure how the registration number system works and those who do understand are not bothered.

“These results though show just how much things have changed as people have started to feel the financial pinch. The fact that a vehicle’s fuel type is now the most important consideration underlines that.

“But it isn’t just the case that everyone’s now looking at EV. We’re seeing lots of interest across all fuel types and in particular diesel, where people recognise the superior fuel economy it can offer on long journeys for example.”