New tyre management platform launched

RL Automotive has introduced a unique tyre management platform intended to help fleet managers reduce running costs, increase safety and limit environmental impact.

The platform comprises a number of monitoring systems such as AutoAlign, which is designed to combat the problem of wheel misalignment. This condition is unknowingly suffered by a third of all commercial vehicles and around half of all cars and vans in the UK.

Currently, wheel alignment inspection is not part of scheduled maintenance or MOT tests, however misalignment results in excessive fuel costs and uneven tyre tread abrasion which in turn can lead to tyre failure, accidents and excessive particulate emissions.

Director Mark Longden said: “This is all about old prevention rather than cure. Using our unique telematics connectivity, we already have a mobile wheel and chassis alignment system in place, but this new module uses bespoke wheel sensors in harness with F1-grade telematics to enable vehicle operators to remotely identify any misalignment issues before they become a serious and costly problem.

“Just one degree out of alignment between the wheels and/or the vehicle centre will cause a 15% deficiency in tyre wear and three per cent increased fuel cost. Therefore, early corrective action will greatly reduce carbon output and keep PM 10 and PM 2.5 tyre particulate emissions to a minimum.”