Mentoring moves the dial for Moody

Young entrepreneur John Moody, the 21-year-old managing director of bodyshop human resources solution In-House HR, has praised MotorClaimGuru owner Tim Kelly for his ‘incredibly useful’ mentoring.

Launched in 2020, and designed specifically for UK bodyshops, In-House HR provides easy-to-use GDPR-compliant systems including the Clocked-In absence management system, In-House HR document library and HR+ equipment inventory.

Tim Kelly is a highly qualified motor insurance engineer with over 20 years’ experience assessing damaged vehicles.

Moody said: “A lot of people have helped to make In-House HR a reality – my parents, early adopters like UK Select Accident Repair Centre and Fix Auto – but Tim Kelly deserves special thanks. Having someone of that stature, the MotorClaimGuru, taking time out to mentor me really meant a lot. He made some suggestions on the system itself, but mainly it was his experience in running a successful business and his general automotive industry knowledge. His input was incredibly useful.

“Tim’s best advice was to listen carefully to what bodyshops said they needed. I made a big effort to always do that, and I actively encourage feedback, whether that’s a small tweak to the user interface or an idea for completely new functionality. If it makes life easier for bodyshops, we’ll do it. The system should always flex around the needs of our clients.”